When we have our booth all set up we have banners that say 'For Un-pierced and Pierced Ears'.  That gets the attention of people who haven't been able to wear pierced earrings.  It gets them curious about what we mean.  Often they'll walk into our booth looking for a little corner where we may be hiding some clip-on earrings or ear cuffs.  The surprise is fun to watch when they realize they're standing in front of a big display of non-pierced earrings.

The next step is to convince them that these earrings are comfortable, and it is fun to watch their face light up when they do put the earrings on.  I'll admit, at first glance, how it works is not very obvious, but think about, regular earrings use just the skin of the lobe, which isn't very sturdy.  Our earrings use the cartilage of the ear: much, much sturdier.  They slide on much like a ring goes on a finger, wrapping themselves around the outer ridge of the ear.  They slide on from about 3/4 up on the ear, where the cartilage is usually more narrow, then down into position.  Once behind that natural barrier (think knuckle of finger for a ring) they just hang there and mind their own business.  As a result a lot more weight can be worn very comfortably.

Who are all those women who can't wear pierced earrings comfortably?  It's quite a list, actually.  First, it is all those who have chosen to not pierce their ears.  There a more of them out there than you may realize.  We often have several in our booth at the same time. 

Next are those who deal with allergies, most often to nickel, but also to other metals.  A shortcut to determining if our earrings will work for them is to know if they can wear Sterling Silver or 14K gold as necklaces or bracelets.  If the answer is yes, then the chances of being able to wear our earrings are very, very good.  We guarantee our earrings so that if you have any allergic reaction, we will take them back, no problem.  We just ask you do that in a timely manner; within 30 days is our policy on our website.

Ripped piercings can be quite unsightly, and our decorated pieces securely and comfortably cover that up where clip-on earring have little left to clip onto.

Keloids are those nasty bumps some people form as scar tissue when they get their ears pierced.  Clips don't work on top of those and pierced earrings are usually not possible either.  So our oversized earcuffs can be a great find for those suffering from this condition.

There are those of us, myself included, who like large earrings but not what they do to our lobes.  So with these hanging off the cartilage the earrings feel more comfortable and we can wear bigger designs without worrying what our earlobes will look like in another 10 years.....

Finally, many women with perfectly pierced ears like giving their piercings a rest, and simply enjoy the look of these earrings. 

Have you seen these earrings by any other name?  You may have.  For years we sold these under the name Hooker Earrings.  That name is still out there but we have decided that Illuzio describes what we want to convey: giving the Illusion of a pierced earring.  And of course these are Unusual Earrings!