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Purchase our famous and comfortable ILLUZIO earrings from our site, or visit us at an art fair to get the full flavor of these unique earrings and a hands-on demonstration of how to make the most of our earrings. Click on "2014 Art Fair Schedule" below:

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The Most Unique and Comfortable Earrings                You'll Ever Wear!


These ILLUZIO earrings are unique. More the result of creative accident than planned strategy, they are so unique they were granted a utility patent, a rarety for jewelry. The earrings for unpierced and pierced ears require no piercing. Instead they hook inside the lower part of the earwell, making use of the natural ridge of cartlidge most of us have in the ear. Just like a ring slips onto a finger over a knuckle and stays comfortably in place, these earrings hook over the cartlidge and rest in the lower earwell without pressure



ILLUZIO unpierced come in a right and left earring that forms with your face and compliments the shape of your ear. 25 years ago we thought these would just be interesting frames for pierced earrings. Little did we know how many people do not use pierced earrings. We started decorating them and now we have a wonderful and ever changing array of designs, including the 3 sizes of the original unadorned design. Most first-time wearers are surprised by the comfort these earrings offer. Click on the page "Unpierced Earrings" from the list to the left, or click on the link below:




Simple yet very fashionable and sexy. Box link chains in vermeil gold or silver, with stones, crystals, or charms dripping from the end. The end of the chain is hardened as a post would be and like a needle it guides the thread thru the piercing to the position in which you wish to wear it. The natural friction of the skin makes it secure in most ears. Click on the page "THREADS" from the list to the left, or simply on the link below:





Delicate cuffs decorate one or both ears with a simple band or whimsical designs. Click on the page "CUFFS" from the list to the left, or simply on the link below:





Elegant cuffs in gold or silver dangle a colorful stone, a bead, or a charm, while a thin chain drips to a post for a single piercing. A small chain swaying from the post echoes the cuff's design. In the opposite ear, a post dangles a complimentary charm. Click on the page "CUFF & CHAINS" from the list to the left, or simply on the link below:


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